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We grew up in big cities knowing the incredible need for hope in the urban environment. Our lives were changed later in our teen years when we met Jesus through the church in Miami. Soon after that God began to make some things very clear to us; He was calling us to join Him in what He was doing in the world, He was placing a passion in our hearts for a generation who don’t know God, and He was preparing us to start a movement. We have served in full time ministries for twenty years, from Florida to New Jersey. For twelve years now we have had a dream to start a movement that would help a generation fall in love with God. We believe that our faith and God’s timing were two critical pieces. We believe now is the time to launch out in faith. Our children are very excited about this new journey in the life of our family. Isabella is 18, she’s our artist and will be starting college soon, Isaac is 15 and is our strong rock, & Emma is 13 and is our comedian and creative.

Our lives were changed by Jesus and we know that if there is any hope for our world, it is through Jesus. Our dream is to start a movement through our churches that will turn cities into beacons of hope through Jesus.



The vision God has placed at the center of our hearts is to partner with God in starting a movement. A movement that will bring hope to a world that is desperately seeking it. We are living in a time in which humanity is placing hope on all kinds of people and things that lead to empty places. The only one who can bring hope to the world is Jesus. He is also the only one who can empower, give purpose to, and change the world. Jesus is the light of the world. What better place to start this movement than in major cities? It will be a movement made up of churches that will create experiences, environments & communities where it will be irresistible for people to fall in love with God because they'll discover His love for them through His son Jesus. We will not stop until every major city is a beacon of hope because of Jesus.


I had no hope in my life until I met Jesus and started following Him.

Andreana Barefield

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