Finding Rhythm

I grew up with parents who love dancing. My dad still is a really good dancer. He can dance just about anything, from salsa, merengue, and he also throws down to some hip hop. I love dancing. There's just a little problem, I have not found my rhythm, and I don't think I will be finding it anytime soon. What in the world is the problem? I come from two amazing dancers, I love music, I was born in Colombia (home of some of the world's best dancers), and I don't have a problem with being in front of a crowd. Well, I think you and I know the answer. I have very little rhythm to begin with.

There is one thing that is pretty sure when it comes to moving, it will throw your life all out of whack, it will cause you to lose your rhythm. We all have a life rhythm. You can call it your daily habits or your daily routines, whatever you call it there is comfort in having a set rhythm. From the minute you wake up there is a rhythm to your day. It may be your quiet time with God, a work out, getting ready, breakfast, etc... Even though having a rhythm in your life may be great, I can't help to feel like sometimes that rhythm needs to be interrupted. There is a high probability that we can grow accustomed to the same rhythm. That this rhythm may even cause us to grow comfortable and complacent. Periodically it is good for us to lose our rhythm in order to discover a new rhythm.

It was like that for the first followers of Jesus. Some had rhythms they were dancing to for a long time. Some were fishermen, bankers, and farmers. Their trait had a tremendous amount of influence on their rhythm, but their loudest rhythm was their religious one. They had been dancing to the same religious rhythm for a long time, so long that this rhythm had lost it's beautiful sound that moved people. Jesus came on the scene with a new rhythm, but not without disturbing the one everyone was comfortable with.

Jesus helped the world learn how to dance to a new rhythm, a rhythm of love.

So, I haven't totally found my rhythm here in San Diego just yet. And maybe I shouldn't be so concerned about finding it so quickly. It's possible that my rhythm needed to be interrupted so that I could re-learn the only rhythm that truly matters in life. Before I figure out what schedule works best, or how I can be the most efficient with my time, before I try to force people and meetings into my calendar maybe the one thing I really need to give my attention to right now is to love all people well. People aren't slots in my icalendar, they aren't projects, or parts of a to do list.

Jesus loved all people well. That was His rhythm. That's the rhythm I want to dance to, even if I look stupid doing it.

"So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” -John 13: 34, 35 NLT

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