How To Smile When Life Is Tough

Today we celebrated the life of one my greatest heroes.

My son Isaac turned sixteen today. You're probably wondering what makes that so special, we've been sixteen before. If you are wondering that, then you don't know Isaac or his story. Our beautiful baby boy was born with a seizure disorder that made a mess of him the first three years of his life. He would have seizures daily, sometimes 80 to a 100 a day. His mom and I tried everything under the sun to stop or reduce the seizures, with very little to no luck at all. From an array of seizure medications that were legalized in the US to some that weren't, special diets and the continuing hope of surgery.

I remember how on his two year old birthday we celebrated it at the hospital where we almost lost him and where told by his doctors that if his seizures continued he would not last very long.

Isaac has taken me on a journey with God that I never imagined I would be in. We have climbed the highest mountains and traveled through the darkest valleys and no matter where we may find ourselves he always seems to remind that it's going to be alright by either laughing or simply smiling.

My son can't really speak anything we can understand, he doesn't walk, and depends on his family for just about everything. But regardless of that, he continues to teach me so much about life, God, and humanity.

Here are a couple of things I have picked up from Isaac about being able to smile when life is tough.

1. Trust God like a child. Isaac laughs and smiles because he knows God's got him. No matter how bad things may seem or get. I don't know if Isaac really understands what's happening, but that doesn't even matter. He doesn't need to know how it will all end up or work out. He just trusts that God loves him.

2. Know you are not alone. God has placed people around you to love you. Maybe it's family, friends, your church or another group of people. Either way we all have a person or people who God has placed in our lives to hold us up when things get tough. Let those people into your life, repair those relationships and begin smiling with them.

I feel like those are some of the things Isaac would tell us about being able to smile when life gets tough. But instead of telling us, he chooses to to simply smile.

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