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Prayer Network for 7.12.2018

If you're anything like my family and I, you hate moves. The packing, sorting, carrying, loading, etc... Yes, it's exhausting just thinking about it. But I am beginning to believe that there is something good and life giving about moving. As far as our experience goes moves have been opportunities for God to do new things in us & through us.

Last year around this same time we were moving from the east coast to San Diego to begin our church planting residency. The last year went by in a flash and there were so many things we are still reaping the blessings from. Here we are now a year later preparing to move again. This time to begin what God set on our hearts to do.

Next week we move into Downtown San Diego, not just to live there, but to do life with the people in the city. We are pumped to finally get the chance to let the anchor down and give it a chance to set itself. We can't wait to meet our neighbors, to meet people in coffee shops, restaurants, our kids schools, and everywhere we may go in our amazing city.

Most of all we are excited to begin connecting those people with Jesus. The launch of Luminous City church happens in less than a year, crazy, and even though the church will be a great place for that connection to happen, we are looking forward to that connection happening through the friendships we begin.

So if you are a partner, friend, or just reading about Luminous City for the first time, I want to invite you to pray for us. Here are some things to pray for...

1. Ask God to give us a smooth move next week on July 21st.

2. Our kids will all be transitioning to new schools, please pray for all three of them.

3. Continue to ask God to show us favor in reaching our fund raising goals.

4. This is simple and basic, but please ask God to continue to bless us with good health so that we can launch strong.

Thank you so much for praying for us!

if you haven't already done so, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @LuminousCitySD

If you'd like more info go to Luminouscitysd.org

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