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Prayer Network for 9.6.2018

This week we have been in a celebration mood. So many things to be thankful for and celebrate. We want to thank you for your non stop prayers for our family and the launch of Luminous City. To say that God has just continually poured His favor on us is an understatement. He's been so good.

Our family celebrates two birthdays this month. One for Emma, she turns 14, and the other is for Isabella, she turns 20. Wow that's crazy, she is no longer a teenager. We also celebrate the first week back to school for all our kids. Emma was the last one to start school, but she started this past Tuesday at a new school near downtown.

Luminous City and it's crew has also been in the celebration mood. God keeps bringing our paths together with the paths of others creating opportunities for us to get to know new people, share vision, & invite to Hangouts. He keeps growing our launch crew at each Hangout.

God has also opened up an amazing relationship between us and San Diego Christian College where we were this past Tuesday and had an info booth about Luminous City for students during chapel. They've also welcomed us to speak at chapel and set up a booth any time we want. I have also been asked to be a speaker for one of their break out sessions at their up coming conference.

I want you to know that your prayers for me, my family, the launch crew and the launch of Luminous City are powerful and priceless. Thank you.

Hope for all,


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