We Find Him In The Deep End

Prayer Network 9.12.18

It happens so easily. We allow fear and discouragement to flood our heart and soul. As if opening the door to the ocean and standing there as the water gushes in. But I think that it’s in those moments in which we cry out to God, or at least give Him our full attention, that He shows up and reminds us that He cares.

He’s not unaware, distant, or uncaring. Instead, He’s so in love with us that he’s ok with the rising water. This is the best way I can describe it. When I was about 4 years old my dad took me to the pool to learn how to swim. He tells me I had been petrified of the deep end and because of it I hadn’t learned how to swim because I just stayed in the shallow end walking around. So when we arrive to the pool we walked over to the deep end, he told me I was going to learn how to swim, he told me he was with me and wasn’t going anywhere and that he loved me.

He then threw me in the deep end.

I sank, I floundered frantically, and sank again. The entire time seeing my dad at the edge of the pool cheering me on and giving me direction. Then after a few cycles of that I slowly began to doggy paddle until I was able to paddle myself to the edge of the pool where my dad was waiting. He pulled me up, I was crying, he hugged me tight and told me what a good job I had done.

From that day on I swam. I swam in the deep end.

Church planting is like jumping in the deep end. But for me, the beauty of swimming in the deep end is that in reminds me that I have a Father who cares and loves me deeply.

Are you at the edge looking at the deep end of your life or are you in it trying to stay afloat? Either way, know that you have a Father who is with you. You’re not alone. He’s cheering you on.

Please continue to pray for me as I lead my family, our launch crew, and the planting of Luminous City church.

Some other specific prayer points:

Isaac’s transition to new school.

Reaching support raising goals.

Meeting new people to share the story of Jesus with.

Growing our launch crew.

Thank you for your love, prayers and financial support.

May God’s grace and peace fill your soul today.


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