Everyone Has A Story

September 19, 2018

 Prayer Network 9.19.18


I love telling stories and listening to good stories. Who doesn't? That's why we enjoy movies so much. They are filled with ups, downs, laughter, tears, victories, defeats and everything in between. No story is identical. What is also true is that we all have a story. One of the many exciting parts of launching Luminous City has been meeting new people. All with amazing stories. They all have been different stories, but one thing runs true through all of them. Everyone who has shared their story with us in one way or another says that they sense that God has been leading and preparing them for something along the way. Through the good and the bad, all the stories we have been honored to hear point to one thing. God preparing to do something big.


I love that.


So here we are. Our stories are still being written. God is up to something big. God is such an amazing God that He would invite us into His story. As the story is being written for Luminous City, it's crew and the city of San Diego, please continue to pray.


Prayer starts movements.


Here are some key prayer points for us:

1. Part of the church planting journey is support raising. Please continue to pray that we meet our goals.


2. We celebrate Isabella's Birthday today, she turns 20. Wow, not a teenager. Crazy.


3. We meet with San Diego Unified School district on Monday to talk about Isaac's transition. This is a big deal for us. He would be transferring from a special needs only school, which he's been part of all his life, to an integrated school.


4. Our launch crew continues to grow, praise God. Our goal by the end of October is for a launch crew of 100.


Thank you for your prayers and support. We couldn't do it without you.


Hope for all,








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